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Located three miles outside Louisville, Jefferson County, the center of the east Georgia economic heartland.  Over 146,000 square feet of plant located on 394.5 acres.  This plant is completely self-contained with Georgia Environmental Protection Division (EPD) permitted onsite potable and process water production facilities as well as a completely self-contained EPD permitted wastewater treatment plant for processing industrial wastewater.

Louisville, Georgia Profile

Louisville, the county seat of Jefferson County, was named in honor of King Louis XVI of France, because of the support given by France to the Colonials in the Revolution. Louisville was Georgia's third state capital, but its first "permanent" one. The Jefferson County Courthouse, built in 1904, stands on the site of Georgia's first permanent capitol, constructed in 1795.

Jefferson County, originally part of Burke and Warren counties, was created in 1796 and named for Thomas Jefferson.

Louisville was the site of the Constitutional Convention of 1798 in which the state's pre-Civil War constitution was adopted. Georgia's Great Seal, which is still in use today, was adopted at the same time.

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